• “… I have been widely investing in the arts and various cultural projects for the last twenty-five years. I arrange and hold art exhibitions in Russia and abroad. This activity made it possible for me to fulfill myself to a greater extent. Communication with artists, examination of archival documents and professional literature, handling the works by the Great Masters and wide experience in arranging exhibitions throughout Russia for many years—all this has made me an expert in this field. In the Exhibition section you may find interesting information about the exhibitions held by me…”

    © Alexander Shadrin

    Our collection is more than 50 ceramic works by Pablo Picasso bought at the auction of Alain Ramié’s collection taking place at Christie’s. Mythical fauns, minotaurs, bulls, bacchanalia and corrida scenes on the dishes and jugs of the master – is the result of long searches in primitive manner. More than 50 graphic works of Picasso from the collection were inspired by artist’s family, lovers and by theater images as well.


    We have been forming the collection of works by Salvador Dali for more than 15 years.

    Our collection of more than 200 Salvador Dali’s graphic and sculptural works covers decades of his creative life. The plots for these works were taken from artist’s personal experience, as well as from actual global issues. We present not only famous Dalinian images like melting clocks, elephant with long arachnid-like legs and burning giraffe, but also non-official side of Dali’s art.

    The collection allows the viewer to experience the endlessness of Dali’s imagination and virtuosity.


    Our Foundation collection represents more than 200 Japanese ukiyo-e prints and paintings from 18-19 century. This collection allows to visualize hole range of amazing Japanese culture from mythical gods, samurai fights and sumo wrestlers, to the serene views of Fuji mountain, cherry blossoms admiration and love scenes.

    Another part of the collection consists of dozens of works by contemporary Japanese artists (20-21 century) from the world-famous Yayoi Kusama to the representatives of ‘chindogu”


    Our collection disposes more than 100 artifacts of Native North and Central Americans  (Olmec, Maya, Veracruz, Zapotec, Jalisco, Nayarit, Colima) and also of Indians of South America (Nazca, Chavin, Moche, Inca).

    The highlights of the collection are two dozen of artifacts from the Inca and Tairona gold.

    On the example of this collection there can be traced not only features of different tribes, but also something that unifies all Indian tribes.

    Number of multi-media interactive materials that involve the audience will take place at the exhibition.