Exhibition organization


Our team has been organizing the exhibitions and art events all over the world
for more than 20 years.

We always try to see the exhibition through eyes of inhabitants from each country that
we visit.

We posess a wide experience on each stage of the exhibition preparation process;
Our experts will carefully take all the necessary national marketing specificities into account;
We have developed sucessfull strategies to optimize the exhibition budget.



By your request we will be happy to share the responsibilities on the prospective event.

Organizing the exhibition takes several steps:

  • Collecting the showpieces;
  • Transportation;
  • Insurance;
  • Preparation of the exhibition venue


We suggest several financing models for your convenience:

We handle most of the costs for you and set a separate entrance  ticket to cover our expenses;
We finance a half of the expenses.


Works with history and provenance;

There are exceptional masters as Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso among the artists in our collection.

World-famous artists and well-known masterpieces do not require a special education and attract a wide range of public.


You can touch it, 0+

Touching – copies of the showpieces and multimedia software.
Watch our video-tour, read our catalogues, or just browse through a wide range of souvenirs.


We can design an event for a special type of audiense by your  request – family, students, art  professionals, VIP.

Contests ont the exhibition venue and online, Master-classes for children;
Auctions, charity programs; Inviting our friends for lectures; Buiness talks.